CONSTRUCTION SRL today can be the right partner for the supply of a vast range of ad hoc products. Thanks to the very high technical specialization and extraordinary analytical competence, during its experience it has managed to make use of relationships with important international suppliers for the supply on a national scale.

The MITEL CONSTRUCTION company, or offers its services using its own equipment and means of transport, operating with the utmost availability and seriousness to meet the needs of its customers, all our work is followed by a specialized team, we have 118 employees all able to guarantee the highest quality and an excellent relationship with customers. With a large warehouse, it is able to serve prompt delivery throughout the national territory.

In addition to the sale in the sector of ferrous raw materials, wooden raw materials, LEDs, roll LEDs, LEDs for industrial warehouses, LEDs for refrigerated counters, the company also carries out services such as electrical assemblies, instruments, industrial assembly of pipes, carpentry and mechanics, installation and maintenance of refrigerated counters for various sectors.


The QC of MITEL CONSTRUCTION SRL follows the following tests within its workshops:



• Dimensional check

• Control with penetrating liquids

• Tire tests

• Hydraulic tests

• PMI (Positive Metal Identification)




With the collaboration of external laboratories, we also carry out:


• Chemical analyses

• X-ray inspection

• Gamma ray checks

• Thermal treatments

• Magnetic checks

• Ultrasound






• Continuity test

• Insulation test


Within our structure we boast of designers and developers to make sure that we meet every need of our customers.

Our designers, such as the installers, have an excellent preparation which constitutes a dynamic and reliable staff, they are always able to guarantee perfect execution of the systems at all times and for any type of job.


Via Luigi Volpicella, 51

80147 Napoli - Italy



Contact center:

+39 081 18 17 35 39





VAT: 02920000730